How to use OTR

Watch 1-minute how to use video

First Time Set-Up

1 – Dedicate one pair of footwear to OTR; they can remain on your shoe at all times

Fit OtheRun over your shoe or boot.   A. The buckle fastens on the inner side.   B. Adjust the leather web to center.

2 – Cut off excess webbing

Heat seal the trimmed edge from fraying

Barefoot OntheRun

Once the webbing is trimmed to a desire length, take a lighter and apply enough heat to melt the edge. Webbing may catch fire if it gets too hot or close. Blow it out to avoid any damage to the material.

You’re On the Run…

Work in them. Drive in them. Shop in them.
Keep them On.

HARD CONCRETE can feel like Soft Earth.

Lightweight Effective Good Looking Footwear
  • Suitable in all dry applications
  • Suitable for wet concrete
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly
  • Standing Desks
  • Aircraft
  • Security
  • Postal
  • Not suitable in oily or wet oily conditions