Soft Earth

Barefoot OntheRun makes hard concrete feel like soft earth. Now you can wear Barefoot’s patented and award-winning comfort, proven to improve health and productivity by reducing fatigue and MSD’s in all dry work areas. It’s like a good ergonomic chair – for those who stand.

Hard concrete can feel like soft earth.

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Barefoot OTR
Award winning design

patent pending


The most comfortable anti-fatigue footwear on Earth
Barefoot OntheRun
Fully customizable fit

patent pending

Light & Effective

  • Secure Fit
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Easy to Use – watch video
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Replaceable Strap
  • Economical
  • Multiple Shoe & Boot Sizes – visit store
  • Extremely Durable Rubber Sole
  • Multi-Phase Cushioning Support
  • IDSA Design Award Technology

HARD CONCRETE can feel like Soft Earth.

Lightweight Effective Good Looking Footwear
  • Suitable in all dry applications
  • Suitable for wet concrete
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly
  • Standing Desks
  • Aircraft
  • Security
  • Postal
  • Not suitable in oily or wet oily conditions